Manage your debit card right from your mobile device. Turn your cards on or off, set spending limits and get alerts, all with a few quick taps.

How it Works

The MyCardRules™ app gives you control over how, when and where your card is used. This free app lets you easily monitor your transactions, set alerts and limits on spending or turn your card on and off for advanced security.

Turn your card on or off

Have you ever misplaced your debit card? MyCardRules™ provides peace of mind by giving you the ability to turn off your card so it cannot be used while you look for it. Once you find your card, easily turn it back on again.

View recent transactions

Stay on top of your account activity by viewing your recent card transactions within the MyCardRules™ app. Reviewing transactions frequently can help you detect fraud immediately.

Receive card notifications

Easily set notifications to alert you whenever your debit card is used to make a purchase. You decide when to be notified, whether it is for a purchase above a certain dollar amount or a purchase made outside a given location. MyCardRules™ delivers alerts directly to your iOS or Android mobile device for real-time notification of transactions based on your set preferences.

Set card limits

Whereas card notifications only alert you of card activity, card limits can be created to block certain types of transactions based on criteria you set. Setting limits can help you control your card’s use and prevent possible fraudulent transactions from occurring.

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