How it Works

ClickSWITCH enables you to quickly and securely switch your current online payments, automated payments and direct deposits from your existing financial institution’s account to your new Cape Cod 5 account.


What is ClickSWITCHTM

ClickSWITCH is a secure online tool that enables you to quickly switch your existing accounts, bill pay, direct deposit and automated payments to your Cape Cod 5 accounts.

Switch your account and transactions in 10 minutes 

Whether you open your Cape Cod 5 account online or at one of our Banking Centers, you will be given a SwitchTRACK code which will enable you to login into ClickSWITCH and begin the hassle-free process of transferring your account.

View the progress and status of your account transfer in real-time

With ClickSWITCH  you will be able to track the status and progress of automated payments and direct deposit transfers in real-time.  ClickSWITCH eliminates the need to call billers informing them you have transferred accounts - the system does the work for you.

Close your old account securely 

ClickSWITCH can take care of closing your old account securely when the switch process is complete. Simply enter the name and address of your previous institution and fill in your account information - it's that simple.

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