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Communities across the Cape, Islands and Southeastern Massachusetts have initiated projects to transition home wastewater management from septic to municipal sewer systems.

Cape Cod 5 supports efforts to improve infrastructure and protect our environment. We also recognize that these initiatives can result in significant costs to homeowners. That's why we're offering a new Sewer Connection Loan to qualifying homeowners at competitive rates. Just one more way that Cape Cod 5 is Leading the Way.

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The Details:
  • Property must be Primary or Secondary residence
  • Borrower must provide a copy of their accepted contract/agreement for the connection to the sewer pipe, decommissioning of the septic, repairs to displaced structures and landscaping from a licensed contractor prior to closing
  • Auto-pay discount of 0.50% from a Cape Cod 5 deposit account
  • Funds will be fully disbursed in the form of two checks. Each check issued will be for 50% of the loan amount, one check will be payable to the Borrower(s) and the Contractor and the second check will be payable to the Borrower(s) directly.
  • Ineligible Properties: condos, cooperatives, commercial mixed use, investment / rental properties, titles held in LLCs or Irrevocable Trusts, or Life Estates
Approved Usages 
  • Pay for homeowner portion of cost of municipal sewer main roadway construction
  • Engineering costs associated with determining placement of main drain line to connect to sewer main
  • Decommissioning of old septic tank
  • Repair damage to landscaping or attached structures that require removal in order to run new pipe
  • Plumbing in home that may require updating

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