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At Cape Cod 5, we demonstrate our commitment to making a positive difference in our communities by integrating our community engagement efforts into every aspect of our business and leveraging our strengths and resources to make the greatest impact.

Our community engagement efforts come to life in five ways:

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Community Banking

We provide high-quality community banking services to individuals and businesses with capital reinvested locally. Deposits fund loans and mortgages to make homeownership more accessible, support economic growth and create jobs. We also offer services and products created specifically for nonprofits to help support their impactful work.

Responsible Business Practices

We adhere to a strong ethical framework and sound financial policies to continually earn the trust of our customers and support our employees. We are committed to being a responsible steward of the environment, using our Green Initiative to further conservation and sustainability efforts. We work every day to be a responsible corporate citizen and foster an inclusive culture for our employees and neighbors.

Corporate Leadership & Volunteerism

We are committed to supporting our team members in their community initiatives by celebrating volunteerism and promoting involvement on boards and committees of local organizations. Cape Cod 5 has over 100 employees serving on local boards and committees, supporting the work of various partners making a positive difference in our shared community.
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Advancement of Financial Know-How

We firmly believe in providing our customers and neighbors with the tools, resources and educational seminars to feel empowered to meet their financial goals at every stage of their journey. Cape Cod 5 offers at no cost a full range of personal finance educational workshops, from budgeting and first-time homebuyer guidance to fraud awareness and estate planning.
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We help to support and enhance the vibrancy and vitality of our communities by providing financial support to local nonprofit organizations. Cape Cod 5 has a long history of philanthropic support and now contributes more than $1 million annually to organizations working to make a positive impact in our region.
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