Are you prepared for unexpected weather? Protect your home now with the help of a Storm Preparedness Loan from Cape Cod 5

House iconOur weather can be unpredictable and present hazards to our home and property. By making preparations now you can be ready when the next big storm hits.


Cape Cod 5 is now offering a Storm Preparedness Loan to qualifying homeowners at competitive rates.

The Details:

  • Borrower must provide a copy of their accepted contract/agreement for the work to be completed by a licensed contractor at the time of application
  • Restriction of one (1) Storm Preparedness Loan per Borrower
  • Auto-pay discount of 0.25% from a Cape Cod 5 deposit account (Auto-pay must be established at closing)
  • Unsecured
Approved Usages:
  • Generator installation (including slab placement, transfer switch installation, electrical wiring and fuel line connections)
  • Tree removal, pruning, trimming, cabling and bracing
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Please visit our Loan Rates page for loan amounts and terms.

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