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Communities across the Cape, Islands and Southeastern Massachusetts have initiated projects to transition home wastewater management from septic to municipal sewer systems and switch water sources from well to public.

Cape Cod 5 supports efforts to improve infrastructure and protect our environment. We also recognize that these initiatives can result in significant costs to homeowners. That's why we're offering a Sewer or Water Connection Loan to qualifying homeowners at competitive rates. Just one more way that Cape Cod 5 is leading the way supporting homeowners in our region.

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The Details:
  • Property must be Primary or Secondary residence
  • Borrower must provide a copy of their accepted contract/agreement for the connection to the sewer pipe or public water supply, decommissioning of the septic or well, repairs to displaced structures and landscaping from a licensed contractor prior to closing
  • Auto-pay discount of 0.25% from a Cape Cod 5 deposit account (Auto-pay must be established at closing)
  • Funds will be fully disbursed in the form of two checks. Each check issued will be for 50% of the loan amount, one check will be payable to the Borrower(s) and the Contractor and the second check will be payable to the Borrower(s) directly.
  • Ineligible Properties: condos, cooperatives, commercial mixed use, investment / rental properties, titles held in LLCs or Irrevocable Trusts, or Life Estates
Approved Usages 
  • Pay for homeowner portion of cost of municipal sewer or water main roadway construction
  • Engineering costs associated with determining placement of main drain line to connect to sewer main or public water
  • Decommissioning of old septic tank or well
  • Repair damage to landscaping or attached structures that require removal in order to run new pipe
  • Plumbing in home that may require updating

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