With the latest technology, convenient locations, and security features that provide peace of mind, Cape Cod 5's ATMs with personal preference settings help you bank safely on the go!

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ATM Features

  • Larger Touchscreen Display: The anti-glare screens are 15" wide and touch-sensitive with no function keys allowing you to make selections with greater ease and larger button sizes.
  • Single-Slot for All Deposits: Allows for multiple checks or bills to be easily deposited into a single slot.
  • New ActivEdgeTM Card Reader: The new chip-enabled card reader, which will require you to insert your card horizontally, utilizes leading-edge technology to further enhance the security of the ATM.


Set Your Preferences 

Select the More Services tile on the main menu of Cape Cod 5 ATMs to set your profile on every preference-enabled Cape Cod 5 ATM.


Use Preferences to set your:
  • Fast cash transactions: amount, withdraw from account, and receipt type
  • Receipt choice during each transaction: no paper, paper, text or email

To edit preferences, select the More Services and Change Preferences tiles and follow the prompts.

Once set, ATM preferences will be retained across all Cape Cod 5 ATM locations


Frequently Asked Questions

I set my preferences at one ATM, but they aren’t available at the other ATM I go to. Why?
We will be progressively updating all of our ATMs to support the preferences feature and it should be available at all locations soon.
Once I set my preferences, will I need to set them again?
No. Once preferences are set, they will be retained across all Cape Cod 5 ATM locations supporting the preferences feature.
Can preferences be set during a transaction?
Yes. Preferences can be set up during a transaction simply by selecting the More Services tile. This includes setting up email and and/or text preferences.
Will preference selections be made available right away?
Yes. As soon as you set or edit your preferences they will be available to you.
When will my ATM deposit be available?
Cash deposits made at Cape Cod 5 ATMs  will be available immediately.
Check deposits made at Cape Cod 5 ATMs before 3:00 p.m. local time on business days will be available next day.
Deposits made at Cape Cod 5 ATMs after 3:00 p.m. on business days or anytime on weekends or legal holidays will be considered deposited on the next business day and will be available after the next business day.
How many checks can I deposit at one time?
The capacity for a single deposit of checks is 30 checks.
Is there a limit to the amount of cash I can deposit?
The capacity for a single deposit of cash is 30 bills.
Can I deposit coins?
No. The ATMs are not equipped to accept coins.
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