Leverage the equity in your home to cover repairs, improvements, upgrades and other expenses through a Home Equity Line of Credit or Loan.

Home Equity Lines of Credit and Loans are available for owner occupied, 1-4 family primary residences, including condos. Some secondary homes may also qualify. Property insurance is required.

Home Equity Line of Credit


Use this line of credit as a reserve to draw upon whenever you need cash. Unlike loans made for specific reasons, funds borrowed on your Home Equity Line of Credit can be used for almost any purpose.

Ease of Use

Using a Home Equity Line of Credit is easy and does not require a visit to the bank. Pay it down and reuse it as often as you wish. You may also transfer funds from your Line of Credit to your Cape Cod 5 account(s) using Online Banking.

Attractive Terms

We offer a 12 Month Fixed Introductory Rate of 7.99% APR* and available discounts of up to 0.25% at the end of the Introductory Rate term. Click here to learn more

* You must maintain AutoPay from a Cape Cod 5 Personal Checking Account to be eligible for the Introductory Rate

Current Annual Percentage Rate without discounts is 8.75%
  • Finance charges apply only to the amount you have withdrawn
  • Minimum line amount: $10,000
  • Maximum line amount: $400,000

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 Home Equity Loan

Cape Cod 5's Home Equity Loan is a great way to finance just about anything on a planned repayment schedule. Upon loan approval, funds are made available in a lump sum.

Attractive Terms

  • Finance charges are fixed for the life of your loan
  • Minimum loan amount: $10,000
  • Maximum loan amount: $400,000

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