Join Us In Supporting Our Local Military Families This Holiday Season

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Now through November 16th

Cape Cod 5 Military Support

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Thank you for your generosity!

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Suggested items for Cape Cod Cares for the Troops care packages
Travel sized items are best whenever possible. Items in bold and marked with an asterisk (*) are especially needed. 


Stocking Stuffers:
Personal Items:
Other Useful Items:
Mints* Bug repellant Batteries (AA, AAA & D)
Gum* Deodorant Current magazines
Candy* Eye drops/wash Deck of cards
Notes written in holiday cards* Foot powder First Aid kits

Small stocking stuffers*

Hand sanitizer Flashlights
Food Items:
Hand wipes Blank greeting cards (for
writing to loved ones)*

Instant coffee packets

Kleenex Hats/gloves
Cookies (store bought/packaged) Hand & body lotions Paper & pens
Little Debbie snacks Mouth wash* Socks
Microwavable popcorn Q-tips T-shirts
Microwavable soups Shampoo/conditioner Towels & washcloths
Powdered drink mixes (Kool-Aid,
Gatorade, iced tea, hot chocolate)
Shaving items* Toys for children
Seeds, nuts and/or trail mix Shower gel/soap Travel games
Power bars Sunscreen Boot laces
Slim Jims Toothbrush Ziploc bags (all sizes)

Snack foods

Toothpaste Moleskin

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