December 11, 2020


As we prepare for the holidays, cybercriminals are also gearing up, especially with so many consumers shopping online this year.

Like you, we want this to be a peaceful and joyous time – a time for gratitude, not concern. In our ongoing effort to keep your money safe, we would like to share some of the enhanced security tools and features available through Cape Cod 5’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking app.

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Set Account Alerts: At this time of year, it can be especially easy to lose track of our spending.  A quick and simple way to monitor your account is by setting custom alerts.  You may choose to be notified when a transaction or account balance is below or above a certain amount.  This notification can be set to arrive via email, text or in-app message.  If you suspect fraud on your account, contact Cape Cod 5 right away at 888-225-4636.  Learn more
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Change Your Username and Password: Many scammers will pretend to be your bank and ask you to confirm login or password information. First and foremost, you should never share your password with anyone – ever.  If you have given this information out and would like to change your username and password, you may do so from within your Online or Mobile account. Learn more 
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Secure Message Conversations with Cape Cod 5: Cape Cod 5 will never contact you and ask you to confirm personal data or conduct banking transactions via unsolicited email or text. Messages is a secure online and mobile banking chat feature, similar to texting, through which you may contact a Cape Cod 5 customer service member. Learn more
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Protect Your Debit/ATM Card: There are many ways we can work together to fight debit card fraud. Monitoring your account for suspicious activity, being wary of phishing scams and using a secure network when conducting financial transactions online are best practices for fending off scammers. With Card Controls built into Cape Cod 5’s upgraded Online and Mobile Banking, you will be able to do the following:
  • Lock your debit card in the event your card has been misplaced or you believe it may have been compromised. A debit card that has been locked can be unlocked when the card has been found, suspect transactions have been validated, etc.
  • Track where your money is being spent, how much is being spent and stop unwanted transactions. These can be done by location, merchant type, transaction type or dollar limit.
  • If you’re planning to travel, especially to another state or country, placing a travel notice informs Cape Cod 5 to expect different activity. This will help avoid the declining of intended transactions while we continue to monitor your card activity for any suspicious transactions.
Learn more
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Enroll in eStatements: Going paperless is a great way to keep your sensitive financial information out of criminal hands. Learn more

If you have not done so already, we encourage you to enroll and explore the features and enhancements of Cape Cod 5’s upgraded online banking and mobile app. The convenient features and tools have been designed to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your banking experience.  If you find evidence of debit card fraud or any suspicious activity on your account, please contact us immediately at 888-225-4636. 


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