Cape Cod 5 has implemented multifactor authentication as an added layer of account security for our
Treasury Management customers.

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Before you log in, please go to the Apple App Store® or the Google Play store on your mobile device and search for “VIP Access.” Downloading the VIP Access app will give you access to a secure token that you will use each time you log into Cape Cod 5’s Treasury Management Online Banking to provide a secondary layer of security.
Please note: You should have received a link via email to set up your username and password. If you have not received the link, please check your spam folder or contact our Treasury Management staff at 508-247-1699 or [email protected].

Follow the steps below to download the VIP Access app and log in to your Treasury Online Banking account: 

If you have an iPhone, access the Apple App Store®
iOS App Store logo


Download the “VIP Access for iPhone” app as seen in the following image:
VIP Access for iPhone App
Apple App Store download button


If you have an Android phone, access the Google Play store
Google Play Store logo
Download the “VIP Access” app as seen in the following image:
VIP Access for Android App
Google Play store download button
If you are a new customer, after downloading the app, click on the link in the email you received from Cape Cod 5. The image below is an example of the email. If you are an existing customer, you may skip this step:
Email notification
You will be taken to the “Activate Account” screen and prompted to create a user ID and password:
Activate account
You will then be prompted to register your token after entering your user ID and password. Click Yes to register your token.
Register your secure token
You will then need to use the VIP Access app on your phone or mobile device to obtain the Serial Number/Credential ID and Token Code to be entered on the next screen:  
Register your secure token 2
Example of Serial Number / Credential ID: SYMC 12345678
Example of Token Code: 801624
Token code example
After entering both codes, click Submit and your token will be registered. The next time you log in you will be prompted to enter your user ID, password and token code.
Please follow the rest of the log in prompts to add your security questions and phone number.
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