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Have questions about Autobooks? Explore our FAQs.

What is Autobooks?
Autobooks is a payments and accounting product suite designed for small and micro- businesses and can be directly integrated into Cape Cod 5’s online and mobile banking account(s). The solution bundles essential back-office tools into a single, easy to use interface that includes invoicing, payments, and accounting.
Who is Autobooks for?
Autobooks is intended for business customers that have a business checking account and use Cape Cod 5 Online Banking and Mobile Banking.
The following types of businesses are great fits for Autobooks: 
  • Any business that sends a bill/invoice for its product or service or needs an accounting and cash flow management platform. 
  • Service based businesses such as landscapers, plumber, electricians, consultants, and others.
  • Non-profit organizations seeking to collect donations online. 
What are the benefits to using Autobooks?
Autobooks is a complete set of financial tools that can be accessed within Cape Cod 5 Online Banking and Mobile Banking allowing businesses to manage their accounts and billing all in one place. Business owners can work smart and have more time to spend running their business.
With Autobooks you can: 
  • Create professional electronic and physical invoices in seconds.
  • Accept payments by credit card, debit card, and ACH transfer.
  • Track customer payments and accounts receivable.
  • Generate reports like balance sheets, income statements, and customer aging reports at the click of a button 
Is Autobooks safe?
Yes! Autobooks exceeds industry standard security recommendations to protect your business and financial information.
How much does Autobooks cost?
Customers can try Autobooks for 90 days at no cost; thereafter, it is $9.99 a month. Autobooks can be canceled in Cape Cod 5 Online Banking at any time.
What type of customer payments can Autobooks process?
Autobooks processes your customers’ credit card, debit card and ACH payments.
Who will have access Autobooks?
Anyone who has access to your business’s Cape Cod 5 Online Banking will be able to access Autobooks. All individuals that can access Autobooks will have access to the full functionality of the service.
Will I receive an alert or email when an invoice has been paid or a payment has been made?
Autobooks will send notification of payments made within the system.
How quickly will the funds from the payments be available for use?
Funds are generally available 2-3 business days after the payment is initiated.
Do I have to download any software to use Autobooks?
No, there is no need to download any kind of software. Autobooks resides completely in Cape Cod 5 Online Banking.
How is this different from QuickBooks?
Autobooks is accessed through Cape Cod 5’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking, so there is no need for multiple logins. Additionally, Autobooks is designed with small business owners in mind, not accountants, so it is streamlined to help you better manage your business cash flow, receivables, payables – all in a fully integrated accounting tool.
My business already has QuickBooks. Why should I consider switching to Autobooks?
Autobooks offers functionality that is similar to QuickBooks but without the need to transfer data. Autobooks offers features that are the right size for small businesses and allows a business to keep all their accounting securely in one place.  
Can my business’ QuickBooks information be imported into Autobooks?
Yes, customer lists that can be exported out of QuickBooks and imported into Autobooks.
How do I get help with my Autobooks?
You can call the Cape Cod 5 Customer Service Center at 888-225-4636 or use Cape Cod 5 secure messaging conversations within your online or mobile banking for help with Autobooks questions.
How do I enroll?
If you do not see the Autobooks tab on your Cape Cod 5 Online Banking dashboard after logging in, please call the Cape Cod 5 Customer Service Center at 888-225-4636 or use Messages in Cape Cod 5 Online Banking or Mobile Banking for enrollment assistance. 
How long does it take to enroll in Autobooks?
Enrollment is very easy. Once you have the link to Autobooks available in Online Banking, you will need to supply a couple of pieces of information to complete enrollment. You will be able to start sending invoices within a short time after that. You can begin accepting payments within two business days.
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