Our focus on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability is a lens through which Cape Cod 5 views and conducts itself as a local bank, business and employer, prioritizing our stewardship of the environment and supporting the sustainability of our local communities. At Cape Cod 5, we have long been committed to helping mitigate the effects of climate change and build resiliency in our region. These efforts include: 
Products and services we offer to individuals and businesses to help further their energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and build adaptation and resilience. For example: 
  • Loan programs for local residents and businesses, such as solar loans and HEAT loans 
  • Socially Responsible Investment portfolio option for our wealth clients who wish to align their investments with their values
Investments we make:
  • Socially Responsible Investments through our charitable foundation
  • Investments in Solar Investment Tax Credits to fund projects to facilitate generation of clean energy  
Support of and partnership with a number of local organizations whose missions are centered around climate change and protecting the local environment 
Encouragement of employees’ participation with nonprofits and at the town level to make a positive impact in this area, as well as paid time to do so. 
Programs offered to our employees to support them in their environmental wellness journey to help them reduce their impact on the climate and our environment 
Advancements and improvements to physical locations to make them more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
Certification of our headquarters (HQ5) as a LEED Gold building, with features including solar arrays, EV chargers, and other environmentally sensitive aspects of the design, build and use of the facility

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