Using Cape Cod 5’s Mobile Banking app with remote deposit, you can deposit checks from anywhere, anytime using your mobile device.

Before you can make remote deposits, you’ll need to enroll the account(s) into which you’d like to make deposits. Once enrolled, you can capture images of the check using your device's camera and confirm the deposit. 
There are limits to the number of checks and amount of money that can be deposited through Remote Deposit.  
Standard limits* per customer are as follows: 
  • 99 Checks and/or $10,000 per business day 
  • 999 Checks and/or $15,000 per calendar month** 
*You can request temporary or permanent changes to these limits by contacting the Customer Service Center or your local Banking Center. 
**Monthly limits have been increased to $15,000 to accommodate the increased usage and need in the current environment. 


How to Use Remote Deposit

Complete a Remote/Mobile Deposit
Use the following steps to start a mobile deposit with your mobile app:

Only checks payable through US-based banks are eligible for mobile deposit. Foreign checks must be deposited at a Banking Center.   
Sign the back of the check that you’re depositing, and include the phrase For Deposit Only in the endorsement area. 
From your Dashboard, select Deposit
Tap Deposit a check
Tap the Check amount field, enter the amount of the check being deposited, and tap Continue
Tap the account into which you’d like the check deposited. 
The camera turns on and a frame appears on your screen. You may have to allow the mobile app to access to your device’s camera. 
Checks must be deposited into one account and cannot be split between multiple accounts using mobile deposit at this time. 
Hold your mobile device over the face of the check, centering it in the frame. When you’re satisfied with the quality of the image, tap the screen. 
The captured image displays on the screen. If you’d like to accept the image, tap Continue. If you’d like to try again, tap Retake
Repeat Step 6 to capture the back of the check. 
The Review screen appears. 
Review the details of the deposit and tap Submit to complete the deposit. 
Enroll an Account in Mobile/Remote Deposit
Use the following steps to enroll an account to use mobile deposit:  
From your Dashboard, tap Deposit
If in Online Banking, click Remote Deposits in the left-hand menu. Please note, you can enroll an account in mobile deposit from within Online Banking but you will need to use the mobile app from a mobile device in order to deposit checks. 
Click/tap Enroll an account
Any accounts that are currently enrolled display on the screen under the Accounts tab with the word Enrolled under them. 
Select the account(s) that you’d like to enroll and click/tap Enroll
Enrollment submitted displays. The Bank will be notified that you’ve requested to add a Remote Deposit account. 
Click/tap OK
The Deposit check screen appears. The recently enrolled account displays Account pending approval until the final approval has been made. 
Once the account has been approved, you’ll receive a message through Online and Mobile Banking titled RDC Account Approval.  Enrolled will appear below the account and it can then be used for mobile deposits. 
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Watch a video tutorial on enrolling an account in Mobile/Remote deposit

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