Effective June 1, 2022, Cape Cod 5 no longer charges fees associated with overdrawing an account. As a trusted financial partner, we are committed to helping our customers avoid overdrafts and support overall financial wellness. Below are some available resources and services to help you manage your account.


How Cape Cod 5 can help you avoid overdrafts

Link to a Savings or Money Market Account

(Personal and business accounts)
When you link a savings or money market deposit account to your checking account, the Bank will automatically transfer funds from your savings or money market account to your checking account when your checking account has a negative balance. It’s called the Overdraft Transfer Service. Money is transferred from your savings or money market account in increments of $25 until the balance in the checking account is above $0. There is no charge for this service.

Link to a Line of Credit

(Personal accounts only)
You can borrow money from the Bank if you overdraw your account to ensure your checking balance stays positive. With an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit, you pay interest instead of a transfer fee. There is an application process for this loan. If you are approved, when your checking account has a negative balance, money is automatically transferred from the overdraft line of credit in increments of $50 until the balance in the checking account is above $0 or until the credit limit is reached. Since this is a loan, you will be charged interest and must make monthly payments on the outstanding balance.

Know Your Balance

(Personal and business accounts)
Sometimes avoiding overdrafts is as easy as knowing your account balance. Cape Cod 5 has several ways to monitor your balance. As you review your balance, remember bill payments and automated payment deductions you have set up, checks you have written and any other debits that might not have been subtracted yet from your account.

Monitor your accounts with Cape Cod 5 Online & Mobile Banking

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Learn about Online and Mobile Banking

To learn more about the above services, click here. To set up any of these services, please contact our Customer Service Center at 888-225-4636, via email at [email protected], via Secure Message Conversations within Cape Cod 5's Online or Mobile Banking, or visit a  or visit a Cape Cod 5 Banking Center.

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