Debit/ATM Card Safety and Security

Following are some tips for making your Cape Cod 5 VISA® Debit Card/ATM Card as secure as possible. If you suspect that your card has been compromised, please contact us immediately at 888-225-4636.

  • Sign your card immediately. Sign the Authorized Signature panel on the back of your VISA® Check Card as soon as you receive it.
  • Review your receipts carefully. Check receipts against your account statement to verify all of your transactions and report any unauthorized transactions immediately. Once you have reconciled your account statement, shred all receipts and discard them. If you receive paper statements, also shred those when you dispose of them.
  • Elect to receive eStatements. By choosing eStatements, your account information can be viewed securely online versus having the statement physically delivered to a mailbox from which it could be taken. Remember to shred your statements when you no longer need them.
  • Be careful when giving out your card number. You should never provide any account information to anyone who called you.
  • Keep a list of all your card numbers in a secure place. Make sure you include the telephone numbers of each card.

Using ATMs Safely

  • Conduct your transactions privately. Always be aware of people and your surroundings while using an ATM. Shield the ATM keypad with your hand or body when entering your personal identification number (PIN).
  • Whenever possible, use ATMs with surveillance cameras.
  • Take receipts with you. Never leave the receipt behind after your transaction is complete.
  • Put away your card and cash. After completing your transaction, secure your card and cash immediately, before exiting the ATM area. Keep your ATM card in a safe place.
  • Count your cash later. Once you’ve completed your transaction, put your money away and leave the premises.
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