Fake job opportunities can come in many different ways. It may be an advertisement via text, email or Craigslist for a “part-time assistant”, to act as a “secret shopper” or to advertise someone’s business. It may be a more casual offer from someone on Facebook or Instagram…or even a gaming site… with whom you’ve developed an online relationship. 

But whatever the window dressing, fake job scams all have the same DNA. At some point, the scammer will exploit your need for work to get you to send them money. We strongly encourage you to keep an eye out for the following red flags.  

If you encounter any of these situations, walk away. It is a scam - 100%. Follow these simple rules to keep yourself safe: 

  • Never agree to use your bank account to receive/ send money for someone else – the fraudster is recruiting you for criminal activity. 
  • Never agree to cash or deposit checks and send the money somewhere, especially if asked to send via Bitcoin, wire, gift cards, mailed cash or peer-to-peer apps such as Zelle®. 
  • Never provide anyone your online banking credentials.   
  • Never pay a fee for certification, training, equipment, or supplies to get a job. 
  • Never believe guarantees of a job or easy big money. 

If you are presented with requests that have any of the components listed, immediately inform local police. If you do provide your account or online credential to anyone, contact your bank immediately. These are attempts to recruit you to illegally launder money. 

For more information from the Federal Trade Commission click here: https://consumer.ftc.gov/consumer-alerts/2022/05/scammers-advertise-jobs-and-business-opportunities

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