Beware of tech support scams!
Below are steps you can take to avoid them.

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Tech support fraud takes advantage of concerns about computer security and is the most common scam reported to Cape Cod 5. 

Phone iconHere's how tech support scams typically work:

  1. You receive an unsolicited phone call, or a pop-up window on your computer employing a scare tactic such as "Your computer has a virus. Call us to fix the problem." Alternatively, the fraudsters may claim you are owed a refund on antivirus software you purchased.

  2. You are asked to download software to allow remote access to your computer.

  3. The fraudsters then obtain your personal information, log your important passwords or pretend to deposit a refund payment into your bank account that was too much, then request you send a portion of the money back. If they request cash, you are often asked to wrap it in plastic and/or foil to evade scanning machines.

Remember, legitimate tech companies will never issue a pop-up or call you. If you are entitled to a refund, you will receive a letter in the mail with a check, not a phone call.


Computer iconBasic tech support fraud prevention tips:

  • Never call a “tech support” phone number that appears in a pop-up window on your computer.

  • If a representative from a "tech support" or "antivirus software" company calls you, hang up.

  • Never download software to allow anyone remote access to your computer.

  • Never provide your credit card information, financial information or passwords to anyone.

To learn more about tech support scams, check out these resources from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the AARP:

Commercial IconTo find out how to protect your small business from tech support scams, click here.


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