Use your telephone to check account balances and activity, rates, loan payment information, interest earned and maturity dates, as well as to transfer funds, reorder checks find Banking Center hours and more.

The Cape Cod 5 24-Hour Telephone Banking Number is 888-333-0555

Press 0 to speak with a representative at any time
Press 2 to navigate the call using voice prompts

Press 1 for your Account Balance
Once first balance is given you will have the option to select another account or hear a list of accounts.

Press 2 for your Account History

1  Withdrawals
2  Deposits
3  All transactions
4  Search by Check Number

Press 3 to Transfer Funds or Make Payments

1  Transfer funds immediately
2  Schedule a funds transfer
   -Hear existing scheduled transfers
   -Delete a scheduled transfer
3  Payments
   -Make an immediate payment
   -Schedule a payment

Press 4 for Card Services

1  Activate a card
2  Deactivate or report a card lost or stolen

Press 5 to Change Your Telephone Banking PIN 

Press 6 for Banking Center Information

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